LUCAS purifies space and mind during Zen, meditation, and yoga, leading to a deeper meditative experience.


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Sandalwood & White Sage Incense (Purifying Incense for Yoga & Meditation: Made in Japan) LUCAS

This is an incense for purification during yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, using sandalwood, the "fragrant wood of the gods" and white sage, the "sacred herb" since ancient times.

Sandalwood, famous in Japan as sandalwood, has been used since ancient times to purify space during yoga and meditation (exorcism and purification).

White sage, a sacred herb that grows wild in California and was used by Native Americans, is also believed to have the power to purify space.

LUCAS incense is made with organic extra white sage from California.
No synthetic fragrances are used and the ingredients are 100% natural.

Each pack of 10 incense sticks has a burn time of approximately 15 minutes.


10 pieces
Burning time Approx. 15 minutes (per unit/varies depending on environment)
Materials ・Sandalwood
・California Organic Extra White Sage
・Tabu Powder
How to use When using the product, please remove the wrapping paper and use it over an incense burner or ashtray.
Cautions for use

・Do not put in mouth as it is inedible.
・Use on a nonflammable container such as an ashtray or incense dish.
・Do not leave the area while the incense is burning.
・If you feel any physical or mental abnormality, stop using the incense and ventilate the area thoroughly.
・Do not use incense for any purpose other than that for which it was intended.
・Do not use in the presence of pets or small children.

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How to use Extra White Sage Incense (Purifying Incense)

It is a little different from common "incense".

Certified organic extra white sage is used.

Meditation, mindfulness, and "cleansing" when doing yoga.

How to Purify During Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga

How to Purify Power Stones

Please tear off the wrapping paper.

A great gift idea!