LUCAS purifies space and mind during Zen, meditation, and yoga, leading to a deeper meditative experience.


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How to purify, why and what it means to purify

What is Purification What is Purification? Purification in 3 minutes

1. What is purification? What is purification?

2. Recommended place for purification

3. Purification Methods Purification Methods

3_1. The fastest and strongest method of purification Cleaning

3_2. Salt purification methods

3_3. Purification method with sake

3_4. Purification method by plants

3_5. Purification method of visiting shrines and temples

3_6. Purification method through mindfulness meditation

3_7. How to Purify in Nature

3_8. Purification method with white sage

3_9. Purification method using tuning forks

3_10. Purification method with natural stones such as quartz

4. How to use LUCAS to improve the quality of life - Purification Recommendations

4_1. About Purification Day

4_2. Recommended place for purification

4_3. Examples of purification spray usage by scene


*When you open the curtains
*On a futon
*On the clothes before putting them on
*On the sofa
*At the door before you leave
*In your shoes
*Before getting on the train
*When you arrive at the office
*Around your desk

昼の浄化 【Daytime】
*In each room space
*To close the cleaning
*For laundry

夜の浄化 【At night】
*When you come home
*On the suit you hung up after wearing
*After taking a bath
*On your bed and pillow
*Before going to bed

Example of specifications by scene


*When the air in the office is bad
*When you are frustrated
*When you feel down
*When you are tired
*When you are sad
*In a room while traveling
*When you are anxious

4. Other recommended purifying spray uses


*Spray on toilet seat and wipe with toilet paper
*After using the toilet
*After cleaning, pour it on a rag and wipe it down to make it shiny
*At the end of cleaning
*For masks
*To wipe your glasses
*Before driving a car
*After a visit to the hospital
*After a funeral

As a gift

*Celebrating a prosperous career change
*Gift for housewarming/relocation
*Gift for new housewarming 
*A get-well gift
*Opening celebration
*Parting gifts
*Birthdays, etc.


How was it?
I think that many of the things we do for cleansing are surprisingly common things that we already do. In summary, it is a lifestyle of using various methods and natural materials to live a comfortable and rich life in your own way.
I hope you will try to incorporate this into your own lifestyle. Hitoshi Aoyagi