LUCAS purifies space and mind during Zen, meditation, and yoga, leading to a deeper meditative experience.


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Australian White Sage (Organic, Pesticide Free) 10g LUCAS

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Australian Extra White Sage

It might be a "waste" to burn them.

The secret of its mellow aroma: "speckles."

It contains many "leaves" that are easy to use for purification of rooms and accessories.

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Organic white sage from California is also available.

Place of origin Victoria, Australia
Volume of content 10g
Cautions for use Please refrain from using this product if you fall under any of the following conditions.
Those prone to paralysis or epilepsy, pregnant women, small children, lactating mothers, those allergic to essential oils or alcohol, or those with other health problems.

・We also have a small amount of sage leaves only.  
Please note that the sage is a natural product and may have some cracks or chips.
※We do not accept returns due to cracks or chips.
・The photo is for illustration only. Please note that these are plants and may come in a variety of shapes.
・Please do not put them in your mouth as they are inedible.
・Please use on a nonflammable container such as an ashtray or incense dish.
・Please handle with care and do not leave the area while burning.
・Do not leave the area while burning.
・If you feel any physical or mental abnormality, stop using the product and ventilate the area thoroughly.