LUCAS purifies space and mind during Zen, meditation, and yoga, leading to a deeper meditative experience.


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Purifying Diffuser [mini set 2 units ] LUCAS [ 100% natural ingredients, 5 different scents for each type of white sage & natural stone ]

This is a cute mini sized purifying diffuser. The set of 2 units can purify 2 spaces.

The diffuser is made with 100% natural ingredients and beautiful natural stones for purification.

The diffuser contains essential oils extracted from "Extra White Sage," which is certified by the White Sage Society of America and two U.S. Organic certifications.

Refillable, eco-friendly and sustainable.

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LUCAS White Sage Purifying Diffuser mini [set of 2]

※The stick absorbs the liquid, so the liquid will run out faster on the first day.
※Since natural essential oils are used, the oil may become cloudy, but this does not affect the quality of the product.
※The fragrance may change depending on the season, environment, or passage of time because natural essential oils are used.

Purification Diffuser LUCAS Features and Usage

Diffuser with 100% natural ingredients

Certified Organic Extra White Sage

Purifying and Sterilizing Power of White Sage Essential Oil

Refillable, economical. Sustainable

Cautions for filling liquid pouches
If you insert the tip of the liquid pouch into the bottle and pour, the pouch will overflow. Separate the tip from the bottle slightly and pour slowly and carefully. If liquid spills and gets on your hands or the floor, wash it off thoroughly.

Choose your favorite from 5 natural stones and scents.

Large sizes are also available

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