LUCAS purifies space and mind during Zen, meditation, and yoga, leading to a deeper meditative experience.


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White Sage Purifying Wreath [Organic White Sage and Dried Flower Wreath]

※Please allow up to two weeks for delivery as this is a handmade product.

・A purifying wreath of white sage to decorate your entryway or living room.

・All items are handmade. Please note that it may take some time for delivery, but each item is made with care and attention.

・Each wreath is handmade with care.

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LUCAS White Sage Purifying Wreath

Available in two types

As a gift

Please check the packaging

Contents 1 piece
Ingredients California organic white sage, solar fine carnations, cheesel flowers, soft anabelle, Finnish moss, cinnamon sticks, wooden wreath frame, twine
Cautions ・The photo is a sample of natural materials. Please note that colors and shapes may vary slightly.
・Please note that the wreaths may be slightly chipped or broken during delivery due to the fragility of the material.
・The color and shape will change over time due to deterioration.
・The material is susceptible to moisture and high temperatures.