LUCAS purifies space and mind during Zen, meditation, and yoga, leading to a deeper meditative experience.


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White Sage Purification Meditation Candle LUCAS [ROSE QUARTZ]


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LUCAS White Sage Purification Meditation Gummy Candles

Gummy candles that are "soft" to the touch

Certified Organic Extra White Sage

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Meditation, mindfulness, and "cleansing" when doing yoga.

Choose your favorite from 5 natural stones and fragrances.

Burning time Approx. 20-22 hours
Ingredients Crystal: Natural essential oil, natural crystal grains, Gummy Wax, natural cotton core, etc.

Aquamarine: Natural essential oil, natural aquamarine rough, natural crystal rough, Gummy Wax, natural cotton core, etc.

Amethyst: Natural essential oil, natural amethyst rough, natural crystal rough, Gummy Wax, natural cotton wick, etc.

Citrine: Natural essential oil, natural citrine grains, natural quartz grains, Gummy Wax, natural cotton wick, etc.

Rose Quartz: Natural essential oil, natural rose quartz grains, natural quartz grains, natural crystal grains, Gummy Wax, natural cotton core,etc.
How to use ・Before lighting, remove all film and labels, and remove any dust from the wick or candle.
Please take out the stones and use them as you wish.
・When lighting, light the wick at the base of the wick as much as possible, and always keep the wick straight in the center to avoid uneven burning.

・After you have used the candle to the end, you can remove the pebbles once the candle is firmly set and cooled.
Cautions for use ※There is a risk that melted candles may flow out and catch fire if lit for an extended period of time.
We ask that you extinguish the fire and allow the candles to cool down after about an hour.

※The limit of combustion is up to the top of the natural stone. Please wash the gummy and take out the natural stone to enjoy it.

Please refrain from using this service if you fall into any of the following categories
People prone to paralysis, epilepsy, pregnant women, small children, lactating mothers, people allergic to essential oils or alcohol, and people with other health problems.

・Keep out of reach of children and away from pets.
・These candles are not scented with gentle natural essential oil scents, which spread their fragrance when lit.
・Please use it safely in a stable place where there is no wind.
・Do not leave your side at any time when the fire is lit.
・Please refrain from using the product near paper products or in hot places such as electrical appliances, as it is dangerous.
・Be sure to light the lamp on a non-flammable plate or something similar to avoid dripping of the wax.
・For stable lighting without loss of shape, allow 1 hour.
・The core should always be adjusted so that it is centered.
・The combustion process causes mushroom-shaped carbon to adhere to the wick, so please remove the carbon part when relighting.
・Please stop burning before reaching the ripple stone.
・Please use safely and be careful to avoid fire or burns.
・Use and store out of reach of pets and small children.
・After using candles, please allow them to cool sufficiently before storing them.